Release version 0.3.0b


Downloaded 3725 times.

  • Resizable and custom-shaped boards (just import one as svg) - Note: You now get a rectangle PCB by default, swap for the Arduino Shield if you need it
  • Gerber export (for sending your PCB to professional production)
  • Multiple parts bins (and more: shareable bins, parts import, drag'n'drop reordering)
  • Big performance boost (thanks to a new release of Qt)
  • New part: Relay (and did you see the web-based parts generator at
  • Italian translation (thanks Gianluca!)
  • Rotate boards (as long as they are empty)
  • Lots of other tweaks and fixes

Known issues:

  • If you want to do Gerber export with an old sketch containing an Arduino, you will need to use an Arduino shield PCB and the Arduino footprint.
  • The new Arduino footprint part may end up on top of other parts. Right-click and select "send to back" to fix this.
  • Selecting rat nest lines through the Arduino footprint may not be possible.
  • Users may need to manually import custom parts from previous versions. Try "Save as Sharable" in the old version and open in the new version
  • Voltage regulator example looks messy.