Release version 0.3.10b


Downloaded 8032 times.

Note this update fixes an error in 0.3.9 which we posted just hours ago. Sorry!

  • Revised footprints for many parts (bigger pads for easier manual production)
    • In order to make use of them in existing sketches, click on "Part > Select outdated parts".
  • New parts:
    • Customizable DIP & SIP ICs (no need to fiddle with the graphics outside of Fritzing anymore)
    • Customizable Resistor (any value is now allowed)
    • Editable labels for DIP, SIP and mystery parts
    • Pin headers, screw terminals and mystery parts in any length
    • Web-based part generator is therefore now obsolete
    • RFID reader module (thanks Tuommo)
    • DIN-5 MIDI jack
  • Many parts editor bug fixes
    • Connector editing should finally work reliably
    • Resizable, so that you have more space to look at a part
  • Real jumper wires with pads (for PCB layout, placed manually or during autorouting)
  • More translations
    • Russian translation (thanks Vladimir)
    • Chinese (Simplified) translation (thanks Ninjia and Yuelin)
    • Japanese translation (thanks Hiroshi)
    • Portuguese (European) translation updated (thanks Nuno)
  • ..and a lot more bug fixes and improvements.

Known issues:

  • Jumper items (new) and ground fill, while improved, are not well integrated with the other views, so you may see some strange wires sprouting in breadboard and schematic views. Best to use jumper items and ground fill when you're nearly done with your sketch.