Release version 0.3.1b


Downloaded 53939 times.

  • User parts & bins are now stored in the app folder (makes updating Fritzing less painful for you)
  • Create bendpoints by simply dragging them out of a wire (also the bendpoints' look has been tuned)
  • Highlighting of equipotential connectors (when you mouse-down on a connector)
  • Highlighting of unconnected connectors in red (thanks for the suggestion, Kai)
  • Schematic view workflow now similar to PCB (with rat's nest and autoroute)
  • Rotating breadboard/Arduino/PCBs (even with parts connected)
  • Tweaks and bug fixes (particularly a couple of 0.3.0 crash bugs: thanks to jdolce, merlin13, and kotobuki for alerting us; also thanks to d.toliaferro for alerting us to another one)
  • Known issues: in pcb view, if arduino is on top of other parts, you can't select them. For now, select the arduino and chose "send to back" from the parts/raise-and-lower submenu