Release version 0.3.5b


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  • Shift-dragging parts constrains movement to vertical or horizontal
  • Shift-dragging wires constrains the wire to 45° angles (also snaps to right angle lines when dragging a bendpoint)
  • Double-click to add/remove bendpoints
  • Support for fonts (for use in your part graphics - standard fonts supplied)
  • Parts Editor automatically converts pixels to inches (no need to do this by hand anymore!)
  • Autorouter now tries to route to previously routed traces and bendpoints, and routes ground traces last
  • Schematic view shows proper thick junction points
  • Tips & Tricks in the Help menu (for some handy shortcuts)
  • New parts: 74HC595 IC, new Arduino schematic
  • Parts library reordered (hopefully more sensible now)
  • Export jpg/png with white background
  • updated to Qt 4.5.2
  • Bug fixes (including the Gnome dock activation bug)

Known issues: