Release version 0.4.0b


Downloaded 5225 times.

  • Double-sided boards (intro in blog)
  • Autosave (to restore your files in case Fritzing crashes, with thanks to Bryant Mairs)
  • Mounting holes and vias
  • Import for KiCad footprints
  • Sparkfun footprints (converted using the above importer, in contrib/svg/pcb)
  • Programming window (experimental, with thanks to Bryant Mairs)
  • Design rule check (for testing if your board has any production problems)
  • New parts: Arduino Mini, Arduino Fio, PICAXE, Darlington, ..
  • New examples: double-sided versions of some examples
  • Small improvements:
    • infoview is a little more informative and maybe a little faster
    • jumper items get a silkscreen layer
    • meta-key replaces alt-key in drag-functions under linux
    • mac dialogs more mac standardized (thanks to bryant mairs)
    • Bug fixes, including gold traces in schematic view, wires to nowhere in breadboard and schematic views

Known issues: