Release version 0.4.3b


Downloaded 67033 times.

  • much easier on the eyes, faster, and smaller files: reduced rats nests (see the blog post)
  • no more jumper wire/item confusion (got rid of the legacy 'wires')
  • now building with latest Qt (4.7.0) under pc, mac, and linux
  • added a 64-bit intel build to the mac bundle
  • new parts:
    • Netduino (thanks to Stanislav Simicek)
    • GLCD (thanks to PBFever)
    • 9V battery (thanks to Lionel Michel)
    • GogoBoard (thanks again Lionel--and to GogoBoard for supporting the work)
    • Arduino Ethernet Shield, Digital Potentiometer, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Flex Sensor (thanks to Tom Igoe)
  • many bug fixes; in particular--thanks to Qt 4.7--Fritzing on Mac no longer crashes if you're running Universal Access (or Cinch)

Known issues: