Release version 0.6.4b


Downloaded 19608 times.

  • binaries built with Qt 4.8--you should see some speedup on all platforms
  • new parts bin navigation
  • 360° rotation of parts in breadboard and pcb view (just hover over a corner, then drag around)
  • a simple dialog for changing the pin labels of generic ICs without using the parts editor
  • a choice of plain copper fill or ground fill
  • updated Portuguese translations (thanks Nuno)
  • another batch of SparkFun parts (thanks Lionel, Nathan, Ryan, Robert)
  • a set of shields from Snootlab (thanks Lionel and Lionel)
  • three new JeeLabs parts (thanks Jean-Claude)
  • shrouded pin headers in a full range of pin counts (thanks Jean-Paul, Lionel)
  • smd pin headers in a full range of pin counts (thanks Stefan)
  • ecb transistors, 3mm leds, superflux leds, 5 band resistors, atmega 2560, ssop 28, rotary encoder (thanks Stefan),
  • parts submitted by the community and added to the core
    • fuse and low dropout voltage regulator (thanks Johan)
    • atmega644 (thanks Macgyveremir)
    • hcf 4067 (thanks Forvellos)
    • real time clock breakout (thanks Mike)
    • hef 4094 (thanks SorkiG)
    • rgb 3 watt star (thanks Niclas)
    • db-25 connectors (thanks Kungfumachinist)
    • wiz820io (thanks Jinbuhm)
  • lots of bug fixes, including
    • missing part labels
    • crash on mac when setting resistance values
    • misaligned pins on generic SMD ICs in breadboard view
    • a bunch of gerber export fixes

Known issues: