Release version 0.7.11b


Downloaded 79028 times.

  • new autorouter
    • rarely breaks DRC
    • handles diagonals
    • misses fewer routing possibilities
    • has variable keepout setting (in autorouter settings dialog)
  • curvy wires now enabled in pcb and schematic views
  • use shift-wheel to navigate SVGs in the parts editor; wheel events without shift will zoom (or pan) as usual
  • updated Simplified Chinese translation (thanks Yuelin and Ninjia)
  • new Bengali translation (thanks Faruk and friends)
  • improved DRC result highlighting
  • bug fixes:
    • OCRA font broken under Windows 8
    • free rotate broken when only top view was active (thanks to Gijs for spotting the connection)
    • ground fill connections to small vias were being clipped
    • annoying offset when dragging a via from the parts bin

Known issues: