Release version 0.7.9b


Downloaded 15500 times.

  • new parts editor--phase one (thanks to Shunichi and Tatsuya for beta-testing)
  • SMD parts can be added either to the top or bottom of a two-sided board
  • updated Greek translation (thanks Alexander)
  • resize schematic-frame part with text entry or combo box
  • 'delete plus' function--for those that miss the old 'delete' which included attached wires. For wires, this deletes up to the next bendpoint.
  • new parts:
    • Schematic logo items
    • Schematic net labels
  • bug fixes:
    • "show unrouted" is also available under the routing menu
    • schematic image export: bounding area fix
    • default breadboard now aligned to grid
    • miscellaneous Gerber export fixes
    • culled most red dots (zero length traces) from pcb view
    • text entry problems with notes

Known issues: