Release version 0.8.1b


Downloaded 17006 times.

  • 1000 new parts!
  • parts bin 'and' search implemented (use a space to separate terms)
  • stripboards now with both horizontal and vertical strips plus RS 276-150 layout
  • active layer button controls which side copper-fill fills
  • updated French translation (thanks Yvan)
  • updated German translation
  • new Bulgarian translation (thanks Nikolay)
  • a couple more new parts:
    • TI Launchpad
    • Raspberry Pi (rev 2)
  • bug fixes:
    • Arduino Mega 2560 R3 repaired
    • Teensy 3.0 repaired
    • Raspberry Pi repaired
    • Atmega 5mm tqfp replaced with an 8mm version
    • netlabels were misbehaving when flipped or rotated
    • Lilypad Mainboard no longer missing
    • Generic IC DIP pcb-layer option repaired
    • Autorouter crash eliminated
    • Parts Editor was not saving pin assignments if loaded SVG files had no connector IDs
    • export etchable was missing silk bottom layer
    • removed mystery circles on silk bottom of some custom pcb shapes

Known issues: 0.8.1 has problems with a few important parts, including the Half breadboard. We will release a patched version (0.8.2) shortly