Release version 0.8.6b


Downloaded 87693 times.

  • schematic view: all core parts now conform to a .1 inch grid (many thanks Fabian)
  • ratsnest wires now drawn with dashed lines
  • updated examples (many thanks Nushin)
  • updated French translation (thanks Roald)
  • gerber export: separate plated and unplated drill holes
  • more tips and tricks
  • bug fixes:
    • offset silkscreen layer on rectangle pcbs
    • part labels rotate along with part
    • wire colors: orange was green
    • set logo-text and netlabel from the text-entry widget at the top of the Inspector (this used to set part label)
    • Mavericks ground fill crash
    • Arduino part fixes
    • equipotential highlight disappearing after wire color change
    • wire self-connection prevention was broken
    • disappearing wires in schematic or pcb view when parts were directly connected in breadboard view

Known issues: Unfortunately it looks like we reversed the connectors on some important schematic view images, such as LED, Diode, and Transistors. We will shortly release 0.8.7 to fix this bug.