Thanks for purchasing a Fritzing starter kit! With this kit you can start exploring the world of interactive electronics.

The contents of this kit and a standard computer is all you need to take your first steps. If you are the adventurous type, you might just want to start by trying some of the example projects (Blink is the classic starting point). Do not be afraid of harming yourself or your equipment, as the current is too low to do that.

New: Get a kick-start with our 14-episode video tutorial on how to learn Arduino with the Fritzing Starter Kit. Available in English and German)

For a more structured approach, you can follow this path:

  1. Connect your Arduino, the mini computer
    1. Download and install the Arduino software
    2. If you have an Arduino Ethernet, read the special instructions on the USB-to-Serial converter. It requires an additional driver.
    3. Connect the Arduino to your computer
    4. Check if it works
    5. Try your first circuit, the blinking LED
  2. Dive deeper into Arduino and the world of electronics
    1. Explore the Arduino Learning section
    2. Explore the extensive introductory material
  3. Learn about Fritzing
    1. Download and install the software
    2. Learn what it is about
    3. Open the included example projects (File > Examples > Fritzing Starter Kit)
    4. Play around
  4. Get more serious
    1. Try out some more circuits from the Button
    2. Get inspired by all the stuff that is out there, the official Arduino tutorialsArduino playground, Makezine, instructables, and elsewhere
    3. Tinker away!
  5. Most serious
    1. Read up on the datasheets of all the parts in the kit.