Once you've created your part, you may want to give it a quality check by going through this list of questions.

Part Graphics:

  • Does the part look like the component it's supposed to represent in all three views?
  • Does the part contrast enough on the breadboard?

Part Properties:

  • Do all part properties show up in the Inspector correctly?
  • Can you change the part's properties in the Inspector? (when the part belongs to a certain family)

Part Connectors:

  • Does the part fit in the breadboard?
  • Do connectors turn green when components are placed in the breadboard?
  • Can connectors be individually selected and wired, in all three views?
  • Is the selection area on the part in the correct place?
  • Do colors of connectors contrast enough to be seen and be selected?
  • Based on a datasheet, are the connectors labeled correctly and consistently in all three views?