Release version 0.3.19b

April 16, 2010

Main release Linux (32-bit) Linux (64-bit) Mac OS X Source tarball Windows

fixes linux drag-n-drop bug in 0.3.18b fixes autorouter crash bug fix in 0.3.17b new parts, gEDA footprint import, etc.

  • fixes autorouter crash bug in 0.3.17b
  • fixes linux drag-n-drop crash bug in 0.3.17b
  • New basic parts: resonator, tantalum caps, multilayer caps, zener diode, schottky diode
  • New microcontroller parts: Wiring (incl. Mini and USB Adapter), Parallax Propeller, Parallax Basic Stamps (thanks to support from Wiring and Parallax)
  • SMD footprint support (though still single-sided)
  • Import of gEDA footprints (through parts editor, plus 1,000 converted footprints available in parts/svg/contrib/pcb)
  • Speed-ups in breadboard dragging and inspector
  • Visual distinction of plurals in parts bin
  • Layers palette
  • Drag-n-drop across sketch windows
  • Mouse wheel can be set to either scroll or zoom
  • ..and of course numerous bug fixes