Fritzing turned from a publicly funded research project into a non-profit organization. In order to make it self-sustaining and to continue development, we are offering the following products and services. 

We have established the non-profit "Friends of Fritzing" association, as an umbrella organization, and are partnering with IXDS and Loch Leiterplatten for the listed services.

Fritzing Fab

With the Fritzing Fab, our PCB production service, you can easily and inexpensively turn your sketches into professional PCBs.


We enjoy giving workshops on Arduino, Fritzing and everything related, to beginners and professionals. Have a look at our workshop offering and get in touch.

Part Creation

Would you like to have your product featured in Fritzing? If you don't want to do it yourself, hire us to create high quality parts.


We have created educational starter and upgrade kits. See the Fritzing Creator Kit.


From 2010 on Fritzing lives from your support. Please consider donating. All profit from the services above will also go back into Fritzing development.