Release version 0.3.2b

June 18, 2009

Main release Linux (32-bit) Linux (64-bit) Mac OS X Source tarball Windows

important bug fixes, exportable bins, ground fill (early days)

  • Exporting and importing part bins (for easier exchange)
  • Simple ground fill for PCBs (to make production less wasteful)
  • New part: Ruler (for simple measuring)
  • New examples: Op-Amp, Touch Switch (and lots of cleanup on the others)
  • Visual improvements to schematic view
  • Add a part to a bin directly from the sketch
  • Change wire color through context menu
  • Linux launch script compatible with all shells (thanks to ktq for the hint)
  • Many bug fixes, e.g.: svg exports, autorouter, parts editor (thanks to Shigeru for finding some of them)