Known issues

Problems with the current release that we know of

We try to take greatest care in creating new releases but shit just happens. If we discover major problems with releases we list them here so you can take caution. More detailed descriptions of defects are listed in our issue tracker. If you discover new problems, please let us know in the bugs forum.

0.9.0b | July 14, 2014

  • Linux: If you have downloaded this release in the first week before July 22nd, please download again. The provided zip files were out of date and are missing a few last-minute fixes.
  • Mac: Using a tablet slows down Fritzing. Just use a mouse for now, and wait for the fix in the next release.
  • Windows 8: The print dialog does not show. Just export to PDF and print from there, or install the fix from here

0.8.7b | Jan. 24, 2014

There are two batteries with reversed connectors in schematic view: 4*AAA (4,8V) and 2*AA (3V). They both use the same schematic image: dc_powersupply.svg. The new version of the file can be found at On that page click the "view raw file" link (at the lower right), then save the new page (you should see the battery image on the page) as a file called 'dc_powersupply.svg'. Copy that file to %fritzing-dir%/parts/svg/core/schematic so that it replaces the old one

0.8.6b | Jan. 22, 2014

Unfortunately it looks like we reversed the connectors on some important schematic view images, such as LED, Diode, and Transistors. We will shortly release 0.8.7 to fix this bug.

0.8.4b | Dec. 15, 2013

there is a bug in Boost Library 1.54 which affects ratsnests. If you are building your own binary, use an earlier or later version of Boost.

0.8.2b | July 26, 2013

There are a bunch of broken microcontroller parts (from 0.8.1). Please stay tuned for 0.8.3

0.8.1b | July 25, 2013

0.8.1 has problems with a few important parts, including the Half breadboard. We will release a patched version (0.8.2) shortly

0.7.3b | April 10, 2012

There is a bug with resistors in 0.7.3, either changing the resistance value or switching to SMD. Best wait for 0.7.4 to come out.

0.6.3b | Aug. 18, 2011

Part labels in existing sketches will probably shift slightly.

0.6.0b | July 9, 2011

Fritzing is running slow, particularly on the Mac. The good news is that Fritzing speeds way up when we run it using the "preview" version of the next release of Qt (the GUI framework underlying Fritzing). So when Qt 4.8 goes final, we will build a new release of Fritzing. If there's enough demand, maybe we'll do the build when Qt 4.8 goes beta.

0.5.2b | Feb. 18, 2011

This is preliminary, but the mac selection bug seems to go away when you close the Navigator.

0.5.0b | Feb. 11, 2011

  • Mysterious selection update bug on the mac: sometimes zooming the view seems to help.
  • new autorouter results aren't bad but hand-tweaking still necessary

0.3.10b | Nov. 6, 2009

  • Jumper items (new) and ground fill, while improved, are not well integrated with the other views, so you may see some strange wires sprouting in breadboard and schematic views. Best to use jumper items and ground fill when you're nearly done with your sketch.

0.3.8b | Sept. 18, 2009

Copper Fill is not very well integrated with the rest of Fritzing. So best to use it after everything else is done.

0.3.2b | June 18, 2009

On PC only, there was a wire drawing bug in schematic view , and the early downloaders of this release got a copy of Fritzing with this bug. So we've swapped in a new copy of Fritzing in this release. The old, buggy copy is 0.3.2, but the copy we've swapped in is 0.3.3 (though it's still part of the 0.3.2 release). Got it?

0.3.1b | June 2, 2009

in pcb view, if arduino is on top of other parts, you can't select them. For now, select the arduino and chose "send to back" from the parts/raise-and-lower submenu

0.3.0b | May 19, 2009

  • If you want to do Gerber export with an old sketch containing an Arduino, you will need to use an Arduino shield PCB and the Arduino footprint.
  • The new Arduino footprint part may end up on top of other parts. Right-click and select "send to back" to fix this.
  • Selecting rat nest lines through the Arduino footprint may not be possible.
  • Users may need to manually import custom parts from previous versions. Try "Save as Sharable" in the old version and open in the new version
  • Voltage regulator example looks messy.

0.2.0b | Feb. 26, 2009

some half breadboard connections changed, so some sketches may lose connections

0.1.15b | Feb. 1, 2009

if you have drawn or autorouted traces in pcb view, then change the board, you are not warned if the changes lead to short circuits

0.11b | Jan. 9, 2009

Schematic View

The synchronization from and to the schematic view is sometimes producing weird results.
Status: Working on it, should be largely improved for next release.
Recommendation: You can use it for simple things, but stay away from it for more complex tasks.

0.1b | Dec. 23, 2008

Copy/paste problem

If you use copy/paste and then save and re-open the file, the views get out of sync, essentially destroying your sketch.
Status: Fixed for the next release
Related issue: 409