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Various minor UI issues

wapcaplet 5 years, 6 months ago

First off (since this is my first post here), let me say a big thank you for Fritzing. I'm a hobbyist thinking of getting a few small PCBs made, and after being very disappointed in other tools (gEDA, Qucs and others I forget), I found Fritzing and was sold instantly. I love the three linked views, beautiful SVG artwork, and intuitive drag-and drop interface. Well done!

I realize that Fritzing is still beta software, and being a software engineer myself I hope to one day lend a hand and help to make it better. Meanwhile, I just wanted to mention a few of the UI problems I've had in the 0.8.3b release:

  • When inspecting a capacitor, the "capacitance" field behaves strangely; in the 0.8.1 release I could click and type "10uF" or "1.2nF", but in 0.8.3b the field often prevents me from typing unless my cursor is in just the right place, so it's really hard to enter specific values. On a side note, a resistor's "resistance" field seems to work fine; "1.5k" becomes "1.5kΩ" and so on (awesome feature by the way!)
  • In any view, when box-selecting (say) the left half of my circuit, when I drag-move the selection, most of the wire bend points stay where they are, resulting in a big mess of bend points that I have to manually straighten out. It seems like the components themselves, and any wires directly between them, are moved OK, but unconnected wire segments can't be moved on their own.
  • Sometimes the breadboard sockets aren't aligned with the grid, so parts want to snap to the spaces between holes, instead of to the holes themselves. I haven't nailed down exactly when or why; the power rails seem to be aligned slightly differently from the main prototype area. I also had this problem once when I rotated my breadboard 180 degrees.
  • In the Schematic view, when dragging a wire's bendpoint, sometimes it snaps to the grid, and sometimes it moves smoothly (the same smooth movement I get when first creating a wire by dragging between two component pins). More often than not, when dragging a bendpoint, I'm tidying up the drawing, and want it to snap to the grid intersections. Holding down Shift helps; my only complaint here is that it seems inconsistent--when grabbing a bend point, it's often a mystery whether it will snap or be smooth.
Those are the problems that bother me the most during day-to-day use. I see that Fritzing is being actively maintained, and some of these may already be known issues, bu I wanted to bring them up just in case.

Thanks again for such a great tool!

Jonathan Cohen 5 years, 6 months ago

Hi Wapcaplet,

Thanks for the thanks--it always cheers us up when people tell us nice things about the software.

Thanks also for the clear delineation of UI problems. Some of these have come up before, but the extra clarity in your post will help us debug. I will add these directly to the issue tracker (which, as a developer, you might prefer to the forum). 

For the capacitance issue, what platform are you on?


- j