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file type

stephan schulz 10 years ago

hey there.


i made a pcb design and tried to submit it to but i get an error, which is probably due to the contour file's file extension (gm1).

is there any way to have the contour be in a outline format - ".outline", ".oln" ???

error message i got from


We are no longer accepting any floating files. Please clean up your uploaded file and resubmit. 
We are only accepting the following list of file extensions: 

  • TopCopper - ".gtl" , ".cmp", ".top"
  • BottomCopper - ".gbl", ".sol", ".bot"
  • TopSolderMask - ".gts", ".stc", ".smt", ".stoptop", ".tsm"
  • BottomSolderMask - ".gbs", ".sts", ".smb", ".stopbot", ".bsm"
  • TopSilk - ".gto", ".plc", ".sst", ".positop", ".leg", ".slk"
  • BottomSilk - ".gbo", ".pls", ".ssb", ".posibot", ".bsk"
  • Drill - ".drl", ".txt", ".tap", ".drill", ".gdd", ".drd", ".cnc", ".exl"
  • KeepOut - ".gko"
  • MiddleCopper1 - ".g2"
  • MiddleCopper2 - ".g3"
  • BottomStencil - ".gbp"
  • TopStencil - ".gtp"
  • Outline - ".outline", ".oln"

Jonathan Cohen 10 years ago

I'm not an expert at this, but as far as I can tell, .oln files contain gerber extended (RS274x) format data, which is also what is found in the .gm1 file.  Renaming a .gm1 file to .oln seemed to make no difference when I tried importing it into ViewMate (a gerber file viewer).  So maybe simply changing the extension on your .gm1 file will work for batchpcb.

- j

Jonathan Cohen 10 years ago

Poking around the net some more suggests that the file extension is how the manufacturer knows which layer the gerber data in the file applies to.  Gm1 means "mechanical layer 1" and this seems to be a common layer to put the contour.  But 'oln' also seems to be a common layer to put the contour.  So although I still won't guarantee the results, this seems like more evidence that changing the file extension is a reasonable way to go.

- j

toholio 9 years, 6 months ago

I just tried it with the DCC decoder shield project uploaded by plotcher.

Changing the file extension to oln seems to work fine. You can see the correct outline, automatically selected as the board outline, in the preview after uploading.

I'm tempted to order a few copies. Or should I wait for the Fritzing Fab service to startup?

Jonathan Cohen 9 years, 6 months ago

Hi Toholio,

Thanks for confirming that changing the file extension works fine.  

As to waiting for the fab service, we are working on it, but if you have any sort of a deadline, don't wait.


- j

scherg 9 years ago

Hi toholio, 

has your board already been produced? did it work? Which manufacturer did you choose?

I exported my Fritzing-layout to Gerber-files, but my manufacturer tells me, that he can't work which this kind of fileformat. 


André Knörig 9 years ago

André Knörig

Hi Johannes,
can you tell us which manufacturer you tried? So far, we haven't had any trouble with getting the files accepted anywhere. They are very standard Gerber (Extended) files. We'd be happy to sort this out together with you.


scherg 9 years ago

Hi Andre, 

nice to hear from you. I listened to your lecture at the node10 in november and now we are testing Fritzing for the first time here in Frankfurt :-)

First we tried this manufacturer. They couln'd read our data, but couldn't tell us the detailed problem either. Therefore i don't know how professional they work ... i think it's not worth to talk about the problem with this single manufacturer. 

Secondly i sent the exported gerber-files to PCB Pool some minutes ago. I'm now waiting for their feedback. I will post more information here, as soon as i'll get an answer and would be glad, if we could find the problem's reason, if there is one again ... 


André Knörig 9 years ago

André Knörig

Hi Johannes,
any new results yet? Sounds like it went through alright.

scherg 9 years ago

Hey Andre! Sorry, my lyout data have not been checked by the manufacturer yet ... I'm still waiting for feedback.

scherg 8 years, 11 months ago

Hi everybody!

I now got my board. Everything is fine. I just exported my layout as gerber-files, then converted them with GC-Prevue to *.gwk and sent therese data to PCB-Pool. I followed the manufacteterer's intstructions.Works fine for me.

Bye, Johannes