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Wrong arduino pcb dimension

arcol 9 years ago



I just etched the board and soldered everything into it. It is a shield for arduino.

Unfortunately does not match with the arduino.


The distance between the two pinheads in fritzing is 46.6mm, while on real arduino is it 48.6mm.


Looks like it is placed with 2.54mm wrongly.


Anybody else can confirm this?


Best regards,



arcol 9 years ago

on real arduino is it 48.8mm. Not 48.6mm.

Anyway, I think it is 2.54mm error.

André Knörig 9 years ago

André Knörig

Hi arcol,
we can't confirm this here.. I just tried printing the graphic and it fits perfectly.
Maybe your printer settings were set to "scale to fit"? That sometimes leads to a slightly smaller printing size because of the page border. Always make sure that you set scaling to "none".

Hope that helps,

arcol 8 years, 12 months ago


Thanks for the reply. Also Im not sure about this, because everything else was perfect. All the pins had 2.54mm spacing, etc. Only the arduino had this problem. I will eventually double-check, and also I post photos.

André Knörig 8 years, 12 months ago

André Knörig

Yes, would be nice if you could check this again. It could be that the scaling effect was only apparent on the Arduino because it has by far the widest spacing.