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export files as Gerber RS-274X format ??

diane 9 years, 5 months ago


how do I export filess as Gerber RS-274X format ?

as far I understand the Gerber export option in Fritzing create Gerber file, tho they are not RS-274X format .... is there is a way to convert them?

the compagny where I intend to get the pcb printed ask specificaly for the Gerber file to be the RS-274X format ...

many thanks




Jonathan Cohen 9 years, 5 months ago

Hi Diane,

Fritzing Gerber export is indeed RS-274X format, and a number of our users have had their PCBs printed by various PCB houses using Fritzing's Gerber export.  In practice, RS-274X is not a very standard "standard", so your mileage may vary between different pcb printing shops.  

Also, there are currently two known issues.  First, you may have to change the extension of the "gm1" file to "oln".  See this forum post: .  Second, Fritzing Gerber export is for "printing" not for "milling", but there's a clever workaround at the end of this post:

Hope that helps.

- j



diane 9 years, 5 months ago

hi Jonathan

yes that helped a lot.

also now I am using gerbv to view the files, it work better than other viewer I tried.

tho it say the top silk is RS-274D format for this file -maybe there is an issue with silk print files? I remember reading someone else posting about a similar issue with only one silk file beeing export right. For now it's ok for my project, i will do only one side silk print.

it would be great one day to have export file for milling directly from fritzing!

thanks for your answer,




myip 8 years, 3 months ago

There's another software tool, I've come across called FAB 3000 Professional and it will export files as Gerber RS-274X.

I believe you can visit their website and request a trial.

Hope that helps.