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the part XYZ does not have a unique module ID

JointTech 9 years ago

The part '' at '/parts/obsolete/capacitor_ceramic_0_1nF.fzp' does not have a unique module id '2012BasfdBEC12'.

and on and on through what seems to be all the capaciters?  Just started after and copy and paste of the new version over the old.  Ok a few times and the program runs fine.

Jonathan Cohen 9 years ago

Hi JointTech,

If you copied the new version over the old, then there will be some parts files that are that appear in two places.  Best to simply delete the old Fritzing installation (and the overwritten Fritzing installation) and install a fresh copy.  Your custom parts, sketches, etc. will not be deleted, since they are not stored with the Fritzing program files.

- j

JointTech 9 years ago

hmm I suspect thats where all my bugs are coming from then. Sorry to bother you. Thanks again for an awesome program.