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Is there a "Complete Step by Step Muppets Guide" for custom parts?

Druid 6 years, 7 months ago

In a week I have learned C++, programed an Arduino, build a serial logger, have been really impressed with Fritzing. But when it comes to creating custom components it becomes harder than a quadratitic equation :)

I tried using Inkscape and all the ink keeps running out of the corners and fills the screen black. So I tried the "Using generic parts" help page but the Part Inspector doesn't appear to have any drop downs on it?

Is there a "Complete Step by Step Muppets Guide" some one can recomend for making custom componets for Linux ???  I have no dout its quite easy when you know how. But I'm really getting frustrated with this. Many thanks


Jonathan Cohen 6 years, 7 months ago

Hi Druid,

You've had a busy week.  

The generic IC is definitely the easiest way to go.  The order of events is:

1. drag a Generic IC part from the parts bin into your sketch (it is the first part under the "ICs" section of the Parts Bin)

2. make sure the one in your sketch is selected (if you just dragged it into your sketch, it will be)

3. now you should see the popup menus and combo boxes in the Inspector that will let you change the chip label, set the number of pins, choose the package, etc.

In other words, you cannot change the properties of items in the parts bin itself--these are generally representations of a whole family of parts.  It's only when you drop one of these into the sketch that it becomes a specific part whose properties can be changed.

Creating custom parts is not easy.  Aside from our own tutorial, there is a nice one from Johan (in Spanish) using Illustrator, and one from Bertrand Le Roy which goes into some detail about how to make the SVGs.


- j




Druid 6 years, 7 months ago

Jonathan, thanks for the reply, in a word "Doh!"

If you have never done this before and don't know how it should work you can end up beating yourself into a corner. The main problem was the user permissions on Linux. Fritzing was was not a member of any group thus unable to create new parts. Secondly it was clear to me at the time that the part had to be dragged out first before the inspector could be used. Not that this worked until the permissions were corrected. For anyone else that may experence this problem, try "chown root:users -R /usr/share/fritzing" and the problem should go away.

Thanks again for the magic three steps of how it should be done, it helped nail down the problem.


Heinervdm 6 years, 7 months ago

Hi Druid,
i just tried to make a new part without changing the permissions and it worked.

Fritzing usally writes new file to .config/Fritzing in your home directory, and this works fine for me.

Druid 6 years, 7 months ago

Hi Heinervdm, please exuse me for failing to understand the context of your comment. I can only say I'm really pleased for you that it worked straight out of the box! However, which method of instalation and on which platform you used is a complete mystery? 

This machine runs much that requires strict user/group access control and Fritzing is not the only piece of software that it runs. Or prehaps even an unforunate self inducted problem. I can only pass on what I found. There are no more silly errors and bug report msgs. The program appears to now be stable and I'm really happy to be able to get deeply into and get some projects out on Fritzing.

I'm having a go at a python script for GIMP with an SVG plugin to help streamline the creation of custom parts. Its early days and script requires PIL and Gnome to run. Will let you know if it works out