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Black page printing due to SVG bug in 6032 capacitor graphics

lifepower 3 years, 6 months ago

There is a bug in ceramic capacitor SVG, which prevents the sketch from printing properly. If you try to print the sketch for etching from SVG in Inkscape, you will get fully black page.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new sketch.

2. Drop Ceramic Capacitor, set its size to "C 6032 [SMD, tantalum]

3. Export for production to etchable, SVG.

4. Open the file in Inkscape, e.g. "Untitled Sketch_etch_copper_top_mirror.svg".

5. Try to print it on your printer.

6. Expected: sketch. Actual: fully black page.


If you look at SVG code, the code for capacitor pads looks like:

      <rect width="7.37008"  stroke-width="0" fill="black" fill-opacity="1" stroke="none" id="connector1pad" height="6.23622" x="0.566929" y="2.40945" style="opacity:0.92000002;"/>

The issue seems to be caused by 'style="opacity:0.92000002;"' tag. If this tag is removed from both rects, SVG prints correctly.


Hopefully this can get fixed in Fritzing for the mentioned capacitor size in core SVG files. I didn't have any issues with other capacitor sizes.