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Observations - minor bugs

dchurch24 7 years, 7 months ago

Hi all,


After a few years of trying to find PCB design sofware that I can actually get on with, I found Fritzing!


I've been using it a little while, but a few things have come up; I'm not sure if they're bugs, or by design, but here goes.


1.) When selecting "export for production" in the menu option (rather than the icon at the bottom), the secondary menu will disapear 50-60% of the time when a mouse is moved on top.

2.) Text (if added to a single sided board) will default to the the word "logo" when exported. The same is true for images - you can add an image, but when you go to print, it defaults to the default Fritzing image.


This is the behaviour I have experienced on Windows 7 - Fritzing V.0.6.4 (b5683 2011-12-16)[Qt 4.8.0].

I will test later with Linux, although from memory, I know that the text export thing is the same, leading me to think that I may have misunderstood the functionality and that this is by design.

Jonathan Cohen 7 years, 7 months ago

Hi DChurch,

I'm not having any luck replicating the menu rollover problem in the first point. When I rollover the Export item I get a submenu with 4 subitems, the first two ("as Image", and "for Production") have further submenus when you roll over them.   Are you seeing different behavior or the same behavior plus disappearance?

As to the second point, there is a default text and image, but the defaults can be changed using the Inspector once the image or text item has been added to the sketch.  For text there is a text-entry field labeled "logo" in the Inspector.  For images there is a combo box with a few more default image choices plus a button that will allow you to import a jpg, png, or svg from a file.  When I use the Inspector to change the text or the image, all the export options seem to work correctly--for example, exporting the text as input in the inspector rather than the default "logo".  Are you saying that the export is falling back to the default even after you use the Inspector to change it?

- j


dchurch24 7 years, 7 months ago

Hi, thanks for the fast reply!

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying - once I have changed the text it stays changed on the PCB on screen. When exported, it defaults back to 'logo' or the F logo in the case of an image. On a single-sided board, I couldn't get the text to be on the same side as the copper unless it was reversed - which means when I export in reverse (I'm using the toner transfer method) the text is reversed back to normal, meaning that when I transfer to the board, it's backwards; so I opted for an image instead of text, but that defaults back to the F logo even after saving the file.

The behaviour with the menus seems to be if you move the cursor over part of the menu that has no sub menus BEFORE hovering over the menus that do have sub menus it disappears.

I have a video of this behaviour at work, but it was taking some time to upload to youtube - I will attempt to upload it again tomorrow.

Incidently, this behaviour happens with both the Windows version (number in the first post) and in 0.6.3 in Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) which makes me think it could be something to do with QT perhaps?

I'll take a video of me exporting a pcb with text and images tomorrow as well.

I have the dreaded lurgy at the moment so am off to bed, otherwise I'd post it up now.

dchurch24 7 years, 6 months ago

Ok, after more playing, if I add the text to 'copper0' then it exports correctly (if set to copper1 then it still reverts to the word 'logo'), but it seems to think that it's on the reverse side of the board (this is set to single sided) and the text is backwards. When I do the toner transfer this will render the text backwards on my board.

Is there a way to mirror the text in Fritzing so that when it's exported (mirror) it displays as mirrored text?

dchurch24 7 years, 6 months ago

PS. I still can't get the video to a reasonable size. I'll take one at home later where I have mencoder installed so I should be able to get it to a size that I can upload to youtube or similar.

Jonathan Cohen 7 years, 6 months ago

Hi DChurch,

Hope the lurgy is better.  For mirrored text, you might try using a paint program (for example Inkscape), reverse the text, save the image out, and import it into fritzing.

In the meantime, please email your sketch file (save it as shareable--that option is on the File menu).  Maybe we can replicate the bugs that way.

- j

Jonathan Cohen 7 years, 6 months ago

PS. email address is info .at. fritzing .dot. org