Many projects require the use of some very specific parts and as we cannot provide them all, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to create your own.
Be sure to check Fritzing's library before you start creating a new part from scratch. Often there would be a quicker way to get what you need, like using a generic part or by modifying an existing part. Follow one of the two ways:

  1. Using generic parts

    Standard parts like ICs, resistors, and pin headers can be defined easily by using Fritzing's generic parts. Learn more

  2. Creating custom parts using the Part Editor

    We released a new parts editor in version 0.7.9 of Fritzing, so these tutorials are currently out of date. The instructions about how to create graphics outside of Fritzing are still correct, but the specifics of how you use Fritzing's parts editor have completely changed! For more info see this blog post. Also see the more up-to-date contributed tutorials below!

Excellent contributed tutorials

  1. Make your own Fritzing parts by SparkFun
  2. Making a part in Fritzing (0.8.7b) by Jacob Fenwick
  3. Building a simple Fritzing component with an SVG text editor by Bertrand LeRoy
  4. Create your own Fritzing components with Illustrator (& part 2) by tlaana (also Spanish version)
  5. Making a new SMD package for a generic IC by bootchk

Further very helpful documents:

  1. Fritzing's Graphic Standards - Use these standard colors, fonts and styles to make your part look good!
  2. Fritzing's Graphic Templates - Download templates that will help you design your part.
  3. Fritzing part file format (.fzp) - Detailed description of the internals of a part