An arduino based PCB featuring two microcontrollers on which parallel and distributed computing paradigms can be learned.

PCB with two ATmega328P microcontrollers connected together with I2C.


Hardware design based on the "Arduino Nano-Rev3.2".



With new microcontrollers that don't have a bootloader another Arduino can be used to burn it:

Suggested improvements

  1. Additional LED's for debugging and testing.
  2. I2C header for expansion.
  3. Unused pins to headers.
  4. Replace parts for lower costs.
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Pigeon Kicker 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Pigeon Kicker
I was looking for something like this last week actually, For robotics control sharing. Basically you have the oscilator keeping them both timed, nice layout. Am interested and will keep an eye on it. TYVM