Home energy monitoring device collecting power consumption data and transmitting it wirelessly to a hub for logging and analysing. Developed based on original design from OpenEnergyMonitor.org, this shield for Arduino Due has 11 independent current sensor inputs + 1 line voltage sensor input, to enable real time power consumption monitoring on up to 11 AC lines.

Unlike the original design from OpenEnergyMonitor.org, this version uses Arduino Due, which has much faster 32-bit ARM processor, 12 ADC inputs and increased ADC resolution up to 12-bits. This makes it practical to monitor up to 11 household AC lines/phases.

So far, I have only built this shield using a crude wire-solder prototype technique on perforated shield board. I have not tested this Fritzing design yet! So, try at your own risk ;)

There are still 6 connections that I could not route on the board, so, they need to be completed using wires.

The detailed project description, software and library for RFM12B transceiver is available on my blog page here: BoredomProjects.net/index.php/projects/home-energy-monitor

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boredman 12 months ago

All components are THT. Resistors are standard 1/4watt, 5%, 6mm long, but obviously smaller 3.3mm long could be used as well.

KDE_Fan 12 months ago

How do we know what parts are referred to on the BOM? It says something like: package THT; pin spacing 400 mil; bands 4; tolerance ±5%; resistance 100kΩ That doesn't say if it is SMD or through hole, what wattage or anything. I can't believe none of these parts have any of these ratings for any of these variable parts. Am I missing something that they are standardized or something?

boredman 4 years ago

Merci beaucoup!

Georges974 4 years ago

Excellent projet et grand devouement pour l'auteur.