The ESP8266 OLED (I2C) using Arduino Code.

This project is a standalone OLED display using the I2C (two wire) protocol. The cool thing is that it uses 100% ported ESP8266 Arduino code.


That means you can just dump the code in the ESP8266 with your Arduino IDE and voila! Working like a champ.


Imagine all the cool things you can stream to the screen!



1. After flashing code, solder ESP8266 pins to perfboard as usual. 

2. Run a strip of solder across the back of the perfboard for ~3.6V and another for Common Ground. 

3. Connect OLED SDA port to GPIO0 and SCL port to GPIO2.

4. Connect the Li-Po to VCC and common ground - and voila!


I couldn't find a fritzing model for the cheap OLED I bought from China for ~$4, but you can get them here:

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viktor404 3 years, 1 month ago

Thank you for this, it works brilliantly! I have nodeMCU so had to connect like this: D3->SDA D4->SCL

WashJunior 3 years, 4 months ago

Thank you!!! I'm not using an ESP8266, but a MediaTek Labs Linkit ONE and by using only the I2C part of your code I was able to show something on the display.

pentiger 4 years ago

Hi, It's a nice piece of code. I am looking everywhere for a piece of code that would stream information from websites (weather info, stocks, etc.) but I cannot find how to do it. Could you post an example of how to do it? Thanks.