This is a high level overview; for details check our issue tracker.




  • Proper parts and project sharing

PCB View


User Interface

  • coherent cross-view concept for ratsnests (under way)

Parts Editor

  • More streamlined parts creation



  • web-app part search integration

Breadboard View

PCB View

  • Presets for production options (diy vs. professional etching, etc.)
  • Autoplacement of parts

All Views

  • Fancy drawing options for wires/traces
  • "Tidy up wires" - put all wires/traces on a nice 90/45 deg angles
  • Support for off-board parts

Electrical rules checking

  • Hints on short circuits, wrong voltages, etc.

Modules (Composite Parts)

  • Turn a Fritzing sketch into a module
  • Publish and share modules
  • Define if modules will be integrated or external to your PCB
  • skinning modules
  • "code" modules for CPUs, FPGAs, etc.

Support for other EDAs

  • Export to KiCad, gEDA formats
  • Import footprints and schematics (partly done)

Programming Window

  • Basic IDE support for programming Arduino, other microcontrollers (partly done)

Project Documentation

  • Full range of export options