Image of a fritzing project build by a community member

Let us know how you like it

Raise your voice in the forums about what you like or don't like, what we can improve and tell us what you use Fritzing for.

Create Parts

Create new parts and then share them with the fritzing community!

Share Your Examples

Did you create a really cool circuit with Fritzing?  Show it off and be super helpful to other fritzing users by adding your project as an example!

Translate it into your language

Would you like to have Fritzing in your language? Check out our translation instructions.  We've already received generous help from Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Italian translators.  Maybe you can help us with Swahili, Urdu or any other language that you speak.


Are you a programmer who has a great idea for a new feature in Fritzing? Maybe you have a good idea for a bug fix? Feel free to grab our code from Github and tinker with it. We've posted some developer notes on how to get started with Qt and Fritzing.

Collaboration with Universities

If you're from a university or institution who is using Fritzing, we would be happy to collaborate with you in any form - invite us for a workshop or conference, work on an extension of the software, or provide funding and support.