Release version 0.5.0b


  • Completely new autorouter! (see blog post)
  • Nicer footprints for standard parts
  • Capacitors have been reorganized (and capacitance can be set to any value)
  • "Locking" for parts (so they're not accidentally moved)
  • New Design Rules Check (use before pcb production)
  • Trace wire thickness can vary from 8 to 128 mils
  • New parts:
    • Netduino Mini and Netduino Plus (thanks to Stanislav Simicek)
    • Teensy 2.0 and Teensy 2.0++ (thanks Lionel Michel)
    • a set of four logic gates parts (thanks bastardinside92)
  • Translations:
    • new Portuguese (Brazilian) translation (thanks to Arthur Zanona)
    • updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (thanks to Yuelin and Ninjia)
  • Many bug fixes/new bugs created

Known issues:

  • Mysterious selection update bug on the mac: sometimes zooming the view seems to help.
  • new autorouter results aren't bad but hand-tweaking still necessary