Known issues

Problems with the current release that we know of

We try to take greatest care in creating new releases but shit just happens. If we discover major problems with releases we list them here so you can take caution. More detailed descriptions of defects are listed in our issue tracker. If you discover new problems, please let us know in the bugs forum.

0.9.10 | May 22, 2022

0.9.9 | September 24, 2021

0.9.6 | February 22, 2021

0.9.3b | June 02, 2016

0.9.2b | April 03, 2015

0.8.7b | January 24, 2014

There are two batteries with reversed connectors in schematic view: 4*AAA (4,8V) and 2*AA (3V). They both use the same schematic image: dc_powersupply.svg. The new version of the file can be found at On that page click the "view raw file" link (at the lower right), then save the new page (you should see the battery image on the page) as a file called 'dc_powersupply.svg'. Copy that file to %fritzing-dir%/parts/svg/core/schematic so that it replaces the old one

0.8.0b | June 13, 2013