The Palette Windows provide parts, tools and information. These can be shown or hidden through the Window section of the menu bar. They include:


  • The View Switcher
    lets you switch between the different Project Views.

  • The Part Library
    has a selection of electronic parts that you can directly drag and drop to the Project View. Parts are arranged in bins. Fritzing comes with a Core bin which features a nice collection of parts, but it also lets you create your own part bins ("Mine" bin), so you can organize core and custom parts any way you want. For example, you could create a bin while working on a project, where you would place only the parts involved in that project, or you could create a bin for a specific type of parts, like resistors. This feature is useful to keep things tidy and get faster access to groups of parts.

    At the bottom of each bin, you will find options for changing the view mode as well as for managing parts and bins:

    Show as icons/list provides two ways to see parts in the library
    Part: New opens the Part Creator
    lets you import a part to Fritzing
    opens the Part Creator and lets you edit the selected part in the bin
            Export lets you export the selected part in the bin
    removes the selected part in the bin
    Bin:  New
    opens a new empty bin
    lets you open bins located on your system
            Open Core
    opens the core bin
    closes the current bin
    saves the current bin
            Save as...
    saves the current bin as a new bin
    lets you export the current bin
    lets you rename the current bin

    Notice also the "mystery part" in the library (icon looks like a question mark - ?), which helps when you cannot find a particular part in the bin, and don't want to go through the whole part creation process. The "mystery part" will let you quickly define a new part and its connectors.

  • The Part Inspector
    shows information about a selected part (name, icon, properties and tags). Some of this information, such as a part's name or property, can be directly modified through this window.

  • The Undo History
    provides a list of your last actions and quick access to the Undo function.

  • The Navigator
    lets you switch between the different Project Views. It also shows a macro view of the circuit and helps to navigate inside the Project View (using the view-frame).