This is a simple 5 volt power suply.

This 5 volt power suply is simple and east to build. The parts are, 1 power connector, 2 10 uf caps, 1 to220 5 volt power suply, 1 screw terminal (2 pin), and some wire. Connect the + side of the power connector to the input of the pwr suply. Then connect the - side to the ground of the pwr suply. connect the - side of 1 cap to the pwr suply's gnd, and the + side to the input of the pwr suply. Next connect the other cap tp the output and gnd with the - side connected to gnd. And lastly, connect yhe output and gnd of the pwr suply to the screw terminal. Connect a 6-15 volt dc power suplt to the power connector, and measure the output. If you get about 5 volts, it is working.