I wanted a small board to connect an ATTiny (45/85) with a 74HC595 Shift register. The board will serve multiple purposes and might be useful for others too.

The board has a voltage regulator providing 5V to the board from a source like a 9V battery. It will also provide the same 5V as output on multiple connectors.

Digital pins 2, 3 and 4 are used to call the shift register, leaving pins 0 and 1 open for other usages. Pins 0, 1 and the reset pin also have connectors to be used for whatever is needed. The serial out of the shift register also has a connector.

Each connector will have a data pin, a VCC pin and a Ground pin, except for the 8 outputs of the shift register. Those only have a data and ground pin, since the data pin provides the voltage. (High or Low.)