I wished to develop a button and some code that would toggle an LED's flashing series on and off. To put it simply, beginning and stopping "something". The LEDs do not do anything awfully intriguing (ooh, fancy, fancy!) and the code to change colours is rather unrefined however the point was the reasoning behind the beginning and stopping of the procedure and getting a great solid button circuit that I can utilize once again.  

Some useful things for older bikes without a computer system, like fuel level, time, equipment position. Temperature level sensing unit coming quickly.
- Equipment position by two technique:
- first: by a joystick, (and an photoresistor), the joystick check, for relocations, (and if led from neutral position not light,) it changes position. -
- second, inspect picture resistor if neutral's led lights it set to neutral the position.

- Fuel level by an potmeter, which require a rod with a floating something, how it raise, fall the potmeter modifications resistance, and it alters fuel level.

▪ See the file: SignWise_Play. into. It is a standard code to obtain you began
▪ Note: The Alt & Azi encoders usage D2 & A4 and D3 & A5.
The Analog pins (A4 & A5) are specified as pins D18 and D19 in Arduino syntax to make them Digital pins).
▪ Usage INPUT_PULLUP (or, 'C' bit-bang syntax) to pull-up. The physical style does not include/need physical resistors. Therefore, encoders will work without including circuitry for them.
▪ Make Sure to fine-tune code samples to show this information!