Motion Detection Alarm System that will detect any motion in specified area and alarming when any object move, to stop the alarm you have to enter combination of buttons clicks.

Motion Alarm System Arduino project based on PIR sensor.

All you need :

- 3 Push Buttons.

- 2 Red Leds

- 1 green Led.

- 330.(). Resistors.

- PIR Sensor.

- Arduino Uno R3

- Piezo Speaker.




How it works :

When all stable the only Green led will be on.

When PIR sensor detect any objects moving the green led turn off and the two red leds on,Piezo start the alarm and to shut it down you have to enter combination of clicks on the thre buttons whish are(1 click first button+ 2 clicks 2nd one + 1 click on the 3rd one) the alarming will reset and green led HIGH again.