Build your own connected thermostat compatible with air solar heater

This thermostat provides an optimal control of an air solar ventilation and a single heated zone to reduce the primary energy needs by 30 to 60 %. Connected to your local network, an embedded webserver provides an user-friendly interface accessible by most browsers from a computer or a mobile device. The heating needs can be scheduled for 7 days by the web interface. For user applications, two temperature sensors and one relay can be remotely monitored and controlled.

- 1 Arduino-YUN with pre-installed open-source software
-  1 ASC-Kit shield
- 1 two-relays board (5V coil—250VAC/10A) (main heater and user relay)
- 1 DIN 4-modules enclosure
- 1 Solar Board + 2 sensors DS18B20 + cable (for solar ventilation)
- 1 Usb power plug or DIN mounting power supply (5VDC/2A)
- 2 sensors DS18B20 for user applications (option)