This is a controller I made for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016. It's main input is a potentiaometer and a photocell. There is also a button for what ever purposes you may need it. The controller also has an rgb led for output or feedback to the user.

This is probably my first "big" project with the Arduino. I'm self teaching and I'm having lots of fun with it. I took advantage of this game jam to learn new technologies and push myself to do things I couldn't believe I was capable of, in such a short amount of time as well! Truth be told I had never even used Fritzing before this game jam but here I am. I also had no idea how to connect my Arduino sensors to my C++ application but I learned to use serial communication, something I had never done before in all my years of C++ programming.


Fritzing is also a really neat looking tool. Love the UI which made it really easy to learn how to use.


You can see a video of the "game" I made for the event at this YouTube video.