A single chanel SCART or VGA operated RGB LED ambilight

AMBINO is a fully functional arduino based ambient light controller (ambilight clone), that lids RGB LEDs according to picture.


It is only single channel - all LEDs have same color and power - it is not so fancy, but it is extremely cheap since it uses only 9 elements: 3 resistors and 3 capacitors for low-pass filter and 3 logic level MOSFET transistors. All together less than 5 EUR + RGB LEDS (it is up to you - I payed 15 EUR for 5m, and I use only 2m, so it is 6 EUR) + Arduino.

Mosfets used in my ambino are STP16NF06. It is for up to 2 A on each color. I use all together less than 1 A of current @12V.

Ambino : [AMB+INO = .AMB. ient light + ardu.INO.]

Tested on various devices that suport RGB scart output, all perfect, since self calibration is done every start-up.

Check for attachments (like the AMBINO shield PCB in PDF and many more...)