As a cool demo to illustrate various capabilities of the Arduino platform.  This project uses a 2-axis analog PS2-style joystick to control 2 servos mounted in so they direct a hobby red laser pointer.  A "Laser Turret".-11/27/2014- Corrected power connection for the joystick to pull power from the Arduino instead of the battery pack. -11/27/2014- Added additional software for the arduino.  Version 1 is fast and very dirty.  It's basically demo code cobbled together for proof-of-concept. The second version behaves more like a hydraulic machine so the laser is much more controllable.

Simply follow the .fzz plan and load the arduino with the code and you are golden.

Parts for this as I have it is an:


Arduino Uno

PS2-style analog joystick

4 cell AA battery pack

Hobby red laser pointer

2 Hobby servos, I am using 2 SG90

Gimbal parts, purchased or hacked.