Project for make Android cnc controller with GRBL (0.9)  CNC Controller Via Bluetooth 9600 BPS


Part List 

1.Arduino UNO Or Arduino Nano

2.Bluetooth Module (HC05 Or HC06)


1.Download GRBL Firmware V 0.9 Follow link

2.Up load GRBL Firmware With Arduino IDE Download link

3.Before Upload Firmware to Arduino Must Be Correct Following :

line 37 File config.h

change #defineBAUD_RATE115200

to #defineBAUD_RATE9600

For use Default Bluetooth Module

4. Upload Grbl Firmware to Arduino board Please see Instruction in arduino Website

5.Test Communication with Serial Monitor In Arduino IDE Follow GRBL Website


Android G code Sender For GRBL Follow link

or use Playstore For Install Controller



if you have any comment please let me know 

[email protected]