A toy that simply beeps randomly.  Hide it and drive someone nuts!

This is a simple project that is easily built on a half breadboard.  I did the programming with a cheap USBasp programmer ordered from aliexpress.  There are several guides on the internet describing how to program the ATTiny85 with a USBasp programmer, just do a google search on usbasp attiny85.  My tool chain includes gedit and avrdude.  I learned most of what I needed to know to set this up in "Make: AVR Programming" by Elliott Williams (mostly chapter 2). That book focuses on the ATMega328P (the same chip used on the Arduino), but is easily adapted to use the ATTiny85.  I highly recommend that book if you're ready to take the next step; from programming in the Arduino environment into programming micro controllers directly.


Parts List



Piezo buzzer, passive

9v battery

9v battery snap

terminal block

5V voltage regulator

1uf capacitor

100uf capacitor

LED, red

LED, yellow

NPN transistor

push button switch

2 330ohm resistors


half breadboard

usbasp programmer



The simple program and makefile are attached.