This plushie is not one to cuddle with. You probably would not like to pick this one up and certainly not for a long time.

What is it?

This plushie wil scream, kick and get angry as soon as you pick it up. His eyes will blink red, His arms will move around agerly and he wil make a very very anoying sound. He wil do everything to get it put back down.



For this project you need:

- 1 Buzzer

- 1 LDR

- 2 LED's (I used red)

- 2 Servo's

- 3 Resistors (purple-blue-orange-yellow)

- Iron wire

- A plushie with arms that is big enough to fit a hand inside.


Step 1: Preperations

First off all you need te prepare for soldering. This means that you should recreate the circuit using a breadboard to see if everything is working accordingly. Sometimes wires are broken without you knowing it so you should always use a breadboard before you solderaded.

When everything works take you plushie and cut it open on the back. Then take out the filling from the main bosy, eyes and arms.


Step 2: Soldereding


Now that everything is working you can start soldereding. First you need to cut 14 wires to attach everything. Then just follow the reference from the Fritzing. Make sure to test every now and then. If something is not working: check the ports from arduino and the code, check the wires or use a electricity meter to find out where the problem is.


Step 3: Putting everything togheter


Now that the electric part is working we can move on to the mechanical part. First off you need to make the arms. To do that you need to attach the iron wires to the servo's. I did this by winding the iron wire in and threw the holes in the servo propellers. Then i bended the wires to create a l shaped vorm. I put the wires in the arms and tested te servo's to see if the could carrie the weight of the arms. If this is not the case try considering a different plushie or losing some more weight in the arms.

When the servo's are strong enough find a place to glue them down. Then sew the servo's and add more glue to make it as secure as possible.


After you are done with the servo's, cut a little hole in the bottem of the plushie and stick the light sensor through. Make sure the light sensor is not blocked by anything like furr. When you are satisfied with the position simply glue it inplace from the inside.


Next you will need to cut out the eyes of the plushi. Be carefull while doing this because you do not want to damage the face. After that glue the LEDs in place from the inside. Make sure you do not see any glue from the outsite. 


And lastly put the piezo in the head of the plushie.


Step 4: Finishing touch


Put the arduino and wires inside the body off the plushie, alongside the powerstorage like a powerbank or batterie. Then sew the hole closer since it has probably riped wider while testing the servo's etc. The sew in a botton or two.


Step 5: Done!

And you are done! have fun playing or showing of you new creation.