(Code) not finished. Transciever remote for arduino projects using HC-12 Would love to hear what i could improve on!

Not finished.

I'm a exam year student, just started arduino to create a remote for our RC which uses our own BLDC.

I would love it if someone could take a look at my code so far, and maybe optimise it! :)


The RF transciever used in fritzing isn't the correct one. I'm using an HC-12 transciever, and the green cable is to enter command mode to switch channels (which i havent put into the code yet).

The HC-12 is half-duplex.

I tried to make the code easy to change later on in case I want to connect it to another project with other button needs etc.

If i forget to check this site in a week or so, [email protected] will do :)


- A fairly unexperienced programmer <3