The ArduinoAm29F010 project provides software and a circuit to program Am29F010 flash memory devices using an Arduino board (tested with the Arduino Duemilanove, but likely to work with the Arduino Uno and directly-related boards). In addition, guidance about the use of such flash memory devices is provided for use with microcomputer systems, such as the Acorn Electron and BBC Microcomputer range.

The Am29F010-90PC product has been used to test the software and hardware design described here. The PDIP variant of the device, as opposed to the various other packages employed in the product range, is the variant most suitable for use with the Arduino.

It is attractive to try and use such flash memory devices as an alternative to EPROM devices, mostly for the practicality and increased convenience involved in programming them, needing only a suitably-wired circuit and conventional microcomputer/microcontroller voltage levels. It is also interesting to try and make the extra space provided by such devices available to the systems in which they will be deployed.

Instructions and accompanying code are available from the ArduinoAm29F010 repository. See also my account of the making of this board using the Fritzing software.