I Could not find any good wiring tutorial for Arduino and BA6209, which is a motor driver, so I made my own.

Tutorial on BA6290 wiring with Arduino

The datasheet states that you need to connect capacitors to the IC, but they are just to prevent a failure when both Arduino pins are powered. I decided not to use capacitors, and rather make sure that, within my program, I do not make any mistakes.

Here is a brief explanation on the wiring:

CI PIN 1 -> Ground.

CI PIN 2 -> Motor.

CI PIN 5 -> Arduino Pin sending Forward signal.

CI PIN 6 -> Arduino Pin sending Reverse signal.

CI PIN 7 -> 5V in the Arduino.

CI PIN 8 -> 5V in the Arduino.

CI PIN 10 -> Motor.

If Arduino┬┤s 5Volts are not enough for your motor, connect PIN 7 and 8 to an alternate power source, and connect all Grounds (including Arduino) together.

Example Code:

//Declare pins

int r = 10;

int f = 11;

void setup(){

//Initialize output pins




void loop(){