This creates a 3x3 touch beat pad using an Arduni Uno; each metal pad has a different sound that comes though a Piezo Buzzer and an LED is illuminated each time a pad is touched.

Using an Arduino Uno, this is a tutorial on creating a 9 key, 3x3 beat pad. The metal keys are touch sensitive and each play a different sounds though a Piezo Buzzer when tocuhed, along with illuminating an LED.

1) Hook the Piezo Buzzer up from Pin 13 to GND with the LED inbetween, also from Pin 13 to GND

2) Then hook a wire up from Pin 12 to the long horizontal channel on the breadboard (Refer to Fritzing diagram)

3) Hook up nine 1M Ohm resistors from the horizontal channel( connected to Pin 12) to nine different vertical channels on the breadboard (Refer to Fritzing diagram)

4) Connect wire(s) from each of the nine channels with resistors to Pin(s) 11-3

5) Solder nine longer wires to nine different 1.25" x 1.25" steel squares

6) Connect the nine wires just soldered to the corresponding Pin(s) 11-3

7) Open the attached code

8) Upload code to the Arduino Uno

9) Press keys and have fun!



1) Open the illustrator files attached and laser cut them on 1/8" Masonite board

2) Run each wire(s) through the cut rectangle(s) inside of the engraved square(s)

3) Glue the steel squares within the engraved nine squares on the top board

4) Attach all the wires to the breadboard as described above

5) Attach the sides and bottoms of the box together

6) Run the power cable through the hole on the front of the box

7) Play and Enjoy!




Arduino Uno-

Piezo Buzzer-

Wires, Resistors, LEDs, Breadboard, etc.-