An ongoing project to add temperature monitoring to my PC water cooling loop.

Arduino Controlled PC Water Cooling Info Display

This is an ongoing project in which I am attempting to create a custom water pump cover for my PCs water cooling system. The pump cover will have a LCD that will display several parameters of the water cooling loop such as: 2 temperature points, Water pump RPM, Liquid flow rate and system up-time.

As of right now I have only completed the temperature sensor circuit and the LCD display circuit.

I have the following items left to implement: - Water Pump RPM (PPM sensing?) - Liquid Flow Metering (Flow meter from Practical Arduino)

I am still working on the code and hope to have it up in the next week or so.

This project is part of my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Mod that can be followed at or my personal site

If anyone has any suggestions or comments I would be pleases to hear them.

Update 1 June 2010

I have uploaded the first bits of code that will run this project. I am still learning things as I go so please bear with me. A big thanks to crenn over at for helping me figure out why my code was wrong and not compiling.